Step 2: Definition of success factors - Recruitment



  • Identifying the ideal candidate


Knowing who the best candidate is forms the basis of an effective recruitment plan. We at Talents4you would like to get to know your company's unique demands and work closely with you to define current and future demands.


  • Optimising the recruitment or enlisting plan


Recruitment has turned into a demanding undertaking. New technologies especially the internet have had a crucial influence on ways of recruitment and have opened up many new options to companies. At the same time, we are experiencing a shortage of talent in many employment sectors necessitating the use of all possible means for recruitment. Talents4you supports your undertakings with custom-made recruitment plans that are flexible, measurable and optimised to use resources effectively.


  • Professional Execution


People are at the centre of recruitment. Many factors have to interact so that applicants take an interest in a vacancy. Example: Exciting occupational field, scope of activity, flexibility, development opportunities, functioning teams and salaries. We at Talents4you understand candidates' motivations. By allocating a dedicated team of professionals, who are passionate about opportunities for our clients and pursue the agreed recruitment targets reliably, our customers gain a competitive edge when recruiting the best possible candidates.

  • Finding the matching candidate among suitable candidates


Identifying the matching candidate among suitable candidates can be challenging, complex and time consuming. An effective selection process and targeted interviews with applicants plays a key role. You can count on our vast experience throughout the selection process.


  • Objective 1:1 Interview Ratio


We present only candidates for interviews when we are convinced that they are a (1:1) perfect match. We promise this because we know your needs and expectations and adjust every step of the selection process accordingly.


  • The candidates have to be convinced as well.


First impressions count. We would like all applicants to view your company positively even if they are not shortlisted. Our selection procedures are fair, transparent and personality-centred.


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