Step 3: Self-analysis of your personnel recruitment process

Use the following list to assess the quality of the partial steps to your present recruitment and selection process and gauge their success. This results in areas in which Talents4you can support you. Enter your assessment in percentage of 10 (100% = highest quality, all objectives achieved).

Approach Recruitment Selection Interview Reporting Communication
Clearly phrased requirements for the position to be filled


Effectiveness of employer brandings


Documented announcement plan


Measuring and controlling recruitment channels


Company job web page
Documenting the recruitment strategy

Recording recruitment figures

Internal resources for concluding recruitment successfully

Dependency and reliability of external providers to fill the vacancy


Difference between planned and actual time expenditure

Providing optimum framework conditions for applicants

Reviewing and adjusting the selection procedure

Quality of personnel recruitment software (ATS)

Precise reporting on every step of the selection procedure
Effectiveness of pre-selecting candidates

Availability and use of interview strategies

Time expenditure from initial contact to interview

Preparing and conducting interviews

Cost/expenditure of interview
Knowledge of:

Costs of vacancy

Costs of the entire recruitment process

Most suitable recruitment channels

Costs of externals service provides

Number and reasons for candidates' withdrawals

Benchmarks about rival companies and salary issues
Reporting on results and knowledge gained from recruitment process

Recruitment costs in financial figures

Communication between HR & line managers as well as the recruitment team

Exchanging experiences for future recruitment needs
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