Step 4: Talents4you's resolution methods

Talents4you supports you throughout the partial steps of the personnel recruitment process.

Approach Recruitment Selection Interview Reporting Communication
Clearly phrased requirements for the position to be filled

Supports effect and presence of employer branding

Documented announcement plan

Measures and controls effectiveness of recruitment channels

Examines job fairs and the own job web page
Documents the recruitment strategy

Manages the recruitment process or supports partial steps

Reviewing recruitment results

Co-ordinates as process owner external providers, if necessary
Optimises processes

Conducts all steps in the process at the time stipulated

Reduces the time expenditure

Guarantees good framework conditions for applicants

Examines and adjusts the selection process

Guarantees interfaces between various ATS or provides the ATS required
Draws up interview strategies suited to each job

Conducts whole interviews or ones in defined partial areas

Minimises the time expenditure from initial contact to interview

Organisation of entire interview process and providing methods

Reducing interview costs


Reports in detail and customer specific on:

Cost of recruitment process

Most suitable recruitment instruments

Cost of external providers

Number and reasons for candidates' withdrawals

Benchmarks about rival companies and salary issues
Achieves standard interfaces with HR HR-business partners

Reports on results and knowledge gained from recruitment process including financial figures

Communication between HR & line managers as well as the recruitment team

Exchanging experiences for future recruitment needs